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Business/Commercial Insurance

Insuring businesses in Agoura Hills, Woodland Hills, Chatsworth and greater Los Angeles

California remains one of the world’s largest economies, and Los Angeles County is an important center of commerce for California. The area is home to one of America’s largest retail and service sectors. Countless businesses have started up in recent years.

Every commercial venture needs protection, and business insurance is a critical element to all types of operations. To enroll in coverage, contact the Gary Warner Insurance Agency at or get started with a free online quote.

Why It’s Critical to Carry Commercial Insurance

Every business can face operating risks. There’s no such thing as immunity.

Property and product damage could mean you cannot operate or make sales. Accidental harm to clients might bring lawsuits. With commercial insurance, you can get financial help to recover from these unexpected problems and get your business back in operation. Rather than paying out of pocket, let your policy come to your aid. One big loss could put you out of business.

Our Coverage Offerings

At Gary Warner Insurance, we know that commercial insurance is a foundation of California businesses’ risk management process. We make it possible for proprietors to get broad protection and go about their business without worry.

Among our top-rated policy offerings, you can find:

Property Insurance

Protecting your physical assets should be one of your top priorities. You can get coverage for structures, products and possessions under the business’s ownership. So, if an unexpected disaster, like a fire, strikes the operation, you’ll be able to rebuild better than before. Click for more information

General Liability Insurance

You strive to make your location and services safe for customers. However, you cannot prevent every accident. If you cause injury or property damage to someone else through your commercial actions, this coverage might come into play. It can provide settlements for the harmed party, as well as legal assistance for the business. Click for more information

Product Liability Coverage

Product liability insures the business against harm that their products might cause someone else. For example, if a coffee pot manufactured by your company shatters and burns a customer, they might hold the business responsible. This coverage can help you settle with them for their injuries or other losses. Click for more information

Other available protection includes:

  • Workers’ compensation: Supplements the income of employees injured on the job. More Information
  • Errors & omissions protection: Covers mistakes made when offering professional advice or services. More Information
  • Commercial auto insurance: Insures vehicles and drivers under the ownership of the business. More Information
  • Cyber Liability: If your business uses computers, emails or keeps electronic records your business could be at risk.  Cyber Liability coverage can help pay for losses, systems, time and regulatory fees incurred by your business. Call 818.706.8625

With us, you can tailor a multi-layered commercial insurance package that suits your business.

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The Gary Warner Insurance Agency works with top-rated, trusted insurance companies. We’ll help you research their various policy offerings to pinpoint coverage that’s appropriate for your business. We’ve got the knowledge to get you coverage, and we promise it’ll always come at the best prices.

Don’t hesitate. Call us at 818.706.8625 or request an online policy quote right now.