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Living in Southern California can present some challenges.  We've got earthquakes and fires to contend with.  We can't predict what Mother Nature will do but the one thing you can do for your family is to be prepared.  This month we celebrate the 12th Great California Shake Out. READ MORE >>

If you own a boat, taking it on an excursion could prove a great summer outing for your family. Your kids will love it, and everyone can have a relaxing day on the water. But, you are the parent. You must make sure your children stay safe. What are some of the regulations you must follow? READ MORE >>

If you are a single parent, you’ll probably spend a lot of time trying to make ends meet for your kids. Sometimes, that means you might have to leave the kids at home alone. Still, you have a duty to keep them safe. What are some of the ways you can guarantee child safety when the parent’s away? READ MORE >>

Buying a new car means you’ll invest a lot of money in the vehicle and its protective measures. You want your vehicles to be a workforce for your family. You have kids to get to school and practice, and you need to get to work. Therefore, don’t take buying lightly. READ MORE >>

When you think of California, you likely don’t think about a lot of winter weather. But if you say we are immune to winter weather, you’re fooling yourself. There are lots of areas, particularly upstate and in the inland empire that see their fair share of snow. READ MORE >>

Are you prepared?  Southern California is prone to natural disasters.  From Wildfires to Earthquakes and even Flooding.  Make a plan for you and your family, don't forget your pets and animals. California business owners can be affected as well, have a business recovery plan for your business. READ MORE >>

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