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High-profile cyber attacks on companies such as Sony, Target and Zappos have generated national headlines and have raised awareness of the growing threat of cyber crime. Recent surveys conducted by the Small Business Authority, Symantec and the National Cyber security All... READ MORE >>

The CCPA is the first comprehensive data privacy law in the United States. Beginning January 1, 2020 grants the consumer new rights. Download the bulletin for all the information. Compliance Bulletin: The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) READ MORE >>

General liability insurance covers the financial losses another person suffers as a result of your business's or employees' actions. In many situations, it can include claims of libel. As a business owner, it is essential to understand what libel (and slander) are and how to avoid such claims. READ MORE >>

One of the biggest risks a California IT Services company faces is the possibility of being sued. Their clients are dependent on technology to run business processes, place and receive orders, manufacture products and more. They rely on their IT companies for protection from Cyberattacks. READ MORE >>

Work Comp in California is required by law and it is one of the coverages we always get questions on.  We always find people who don’t understand when they need to purchase the coverage.  Regardless if employees are family members, independent contractors, salaried or  volunteers, you need to carry work comp. READ MORE >>

Commercial insurance can be expensive to some companies. Most businesses should never reduce coverage they need for a lower cost. However, having a plan that meets your needs and your budget is an option.  At least one time each year, review your business insurance. Discuss the last 12 months of claims. READ MORE >>

As you've thought about starting a business, you've probably come across all the stats that say what percentage will fail in their first five years. It's scary when you think about it. You're putting everything into a venture that might not be around in a few years. READ MORE >>

Are you prepared?  Southern California is prone to natural disasters.  From Wildfires to Earthquakes and even Flooding.  Make a plan for you and your family, don't forget your pets and animals. California business owners can be affected as well, have a business recovery plan for your business. READ MORE >>

Insurance coverage that protects your company – so you can get back to business Gary Warner Insurance Agency, Inc. knows business in our communities – you can find our office in Agoura Hills, and our clients all around the Calabasas and Agoura areas. READ MORE >>

Protecting your California business used to mean locking the doors at the end of the day. That’s still important, of course, but now a security breach can extend beyond your physical assets to include software, systems and sensitive data. And, if customer information is compromised, you may lose the most important asset you have — their trust. READ MORE >>

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