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Buying a new car means you’ll invest a lot of money in the vehicle and its protective measures. You want your vehicles to be a workforce for your family. You have kids to get to school and practice, and you need to get to work. Therefore, don’t take buying lightly. READ MORE >>

When you think of California, you likely don’t think about a lot of winter weather. But if you say we are immune to winter weather, you’re fooling yourself. There are lots of areas, particularly upstate and in the inland empire that see their fair share of snow. READ MORE >>

Being named as the at-fault party in a car accident means that your insurance policy might come into play. Many states require liability policies for this reason. They help third parties receive financial help from at-fault drivers' insurance policies. READ MORE >>

Your company’s vehicles are likely a big part of your business’ expenses and assets. That’s why you should maintain your cars. You should also cover them with strong commercial auto insurance policies. Commercial auto insurance has higher comprehensive, property damage and personal injury limits than standard car insurance policies. READ MORE >>

Auto insurers price their policies based on a number of factors. Sometimes these cost factors go up, and sometimes they go down. In most states, costs are currently rising. Your actions, as a policyholder, can affect what you pay, too. For instance, if you add another car, or a teenaged driver to your policy, your costs will increase. READ MORE >>

Does it seem like driving has become more expensive in California in recent years? It likely has. Since 2014, the U.S. has seen more new cars on the road, and those cars are driving more miles than in years past. The severity of traffic-related accidents has grown worse, and insurance claims for bodily injury have become more expensive. READ MORE >>

With the help of your insurance professionals at Gary Warner Insurance Agency, you can get California auto insurance that will fit your life and your budget! We pride ourselves in serving our customers, and will search high and low to get you the best California car insurance at a competitive price. READ MORE >>

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