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When the subject of insurance is brought up, some small business operators may think their business is not big enough to warrant coverage. Nothing could be further from the truth. The decision to initiate a policy for general liability insurance California, is one that a business owner may be very happy they made. READ MORE >>

Many insurance companies see that homeowner’s insurance rates have been underpriced in many areas of the country for decades and need to increase by 15 to 20 percent. While insurance regulators in many states aren’t likely to agree with such a large rate change, many homeowners’... READ MORE >>

No one likes to consider the prospect of being sued – unfortunately, litigiousness is a reality in America. You can protect yourself by taking out general liability insurance California-style. Just what is California-style? We like to call it being proactive about the potential risks surrounding you, your property and your choices. READ MORE >>

Many property owners don’t buy earthquake insurance in California because they feel it’s just too expensive.  There are discounts available if your property is properly retrofitted.  Not only does retrofitting your home protect your property it can also protect your family. READ MORE >>

California earthquake insurance may not be on the top of your list of things to consider when you first move to the Sunshine State. However, once you do a bit of research about California’s earthquake history, you may find that it moves further up on your list of priorities! READ MORE >>

Have you considered your general liability insurance California? If the answer is no, then perhaps now is the time to look into how you can cover your business in the event something goes wrong.General liability insurance covers Californian business assets in the event the company is sued. READ MORE >>

San Francisco’s Great Earthquake of 1906 is still remembered in the history books as one of the worst natural disasters America has ever experienced. Today it is remembered by many homeowners each time they consider facing the ramifications of facing such a disaster without California earthquake insurance. READ MORE >>

As a resident of California you are no doubt aware that you live in an earthquake prone region. Because of the high risk of damage due to an earthquake not all insurance companies offer earthquake coverage. Purchasing California earthquake insurance is a smart idea and may be far less expensive than having to pay for the repair of your earthquake damaged home with your own funds. READ MORE >>

Have you considered general liability insurance in California? California businesses of all kinds may find this type of protection a valuable investment.General liability insurance is designed to help provide protection for a business owner against third party claims. These usually relate to injury or property damage. READ MORE >>

All businesses need to protect themselves, in California, and elsewhere, insurance is the method used to offer some financial protection against risk. For many firms operating in states throughout America, one of the most common forms of business insurance is general liability insurance; California is likely to be no different. READ MORE >>

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